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Wonder Woman is a fantasy action film made by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Patty Jenkins directed the film which also features Gail Gadded, Robin White, Chris Pine and Robin White as co-stars. The film is basing itself on DC comics Deadpool Costume The story was developed in the First World War. It tells the story of Amazon Princess Diana Prince’s arsenal and equipment that were possessed by gods from Olympus The avatar of Wonder Woman, and the Captain of the Air Force. Steve Trevor came to the human race to defend peace and bring peace to the world. The film debuted on June 2nd in 2017 in the United States and mainland China.

Wonder Woman Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay Costume Deluxe Version for Wonder Woman Diana Prince


Diana is known as the Amazon Princess, and she is a resident of Paradise Island. Diana is trained to be a warrior since childhood Fire Emblem Costume She doesn’t know her own life and divine power. Through training and growth she starts to recognize the differences in her own. Her power, her skills are getting more remarkable, but her heart remains always open.


It’s not smelly at all. The headpiece is perfect and arm parts fit perfectly since Velcro attaches to the costume.

The costume for cosplay is excellent and offers many benefits. The headpiece is an elastic band in the back, and it sits perfectly on the head. It’s a soft plastic so it will fit comfortably. Similar to the arm band. Although they are constructed of soft plastic, the quality of the detail and paint look stunning.

About the sizes: The arm and headbands work perfectly. For gloves with arms that are thin, they may need a bit more room, but it will work perfectly. The gloves will fit hand sizes that are small. They were too big for my hands.

The quality and price were excellent. and the headband, armband, and bracelets were perfect additions to the costume.The package includes: Top, Shorts, Skirt, Wrist guards, Armband, Gloves, Rope, Head-wear, Strap, Shoe covers.QualityCosplay is one of the best online store that sales cosplay costumes.Wonder Woman Diana Prince Cosplay Costume Deluxe Version is especially nice.Their URL is http://www.qualitycosplay.com.

2017 Wonder Woman Justice League Diana Prince Cosplay Costume


Diana is known as the Amazon Princess who is a resident of Paradise Island. Diana is a trained warrior since the age of. She is not aware of her life or her divine power. With the development of her training and growth she discovers the different aspects of her. Her skills and strength are increasing, but her heart remains awe-inspiring.


This one isn’t just well-made, but it is also well-fitting. It is comfortable to wear, breathable and has an ethereal stretch spandex look. It was very comfortable and well made. It is very affordable as compared to costumes that is 5X more expensive.

The costume is extremely realistic constructed from top quality materials, construction, and an added bonus: you will receive not just the corset and skirt but additionally the leather bandolier that has snaps with an adjustable length and the lasso, which is a good quality rope that has magnetic ends that connect. If you do not want to wear the leather strap for a night out, you’ll still have your lasso of truth , which is more useful at a party than a shield and sword anyway.

Specifications: This costume is made of a stretchy faux leather that is almost as if you are wearing the leather glove. It is made of Litchi Grain Leather and Composite Leather.

The zipper of the skirt isn’t visible, rather the waistband has a little stretch. The skirt fabric isn’t stiff. It’s lightweight and easy to move. It’s comfortable and light to wear.

The online store is fantastic. This is my absolute favorite cosplay outfit.

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