Once Upon a Time Reviews

ABC produced Once Upon a Time in 2011 as an adventure-based sci-fi shows. Mark Miro directed the series, which starred Ginny Goodwin as well as Lana Parilla. “Once Upon a Time,” is about a woman who is troubled by her previous. Emma travels to a wonderful Maine town, and is able to experience many magical things Eternals Cosplay Costume The show debuted on ABC TV on October 23, 2011.

Once Upon a Time, Evil Queen Regina Mills Cosplay Costume


The Evil Queen Regina Mills rules the fairy-tale town. The witch who has the fairy tale title is Queen Cora’s daughter, and her spell is extremely potent. 28 years ago, she shattered the curse that plagued the fairy tale town. She was able to find happiness and overcome her tragic fate. A key role in the daily life of residents


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This pack includes: Vest and Cloak Skirt, as well as Stockings and Skirt.

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