Final Fantasy XV Cindy Aurum Cosplay Costume

Cindy, the granddaughter of Cid in Last Fantasy XV, is a vehicle mechanic who will appear in the prince’s trip in the future. She is positive, driven, as well as always passionate about her work. She is enthusiastic about cars and trucks as well as captivated with innovation that stems from the Crown City, which has actually been separated from the remainder of Lucis for thirty years. Despite having had a harsh childhood, she is hopeful and also pleasant to everybody Suicide Squad Costume Consequently, she is preferred with individuals.

If you wish to role-play as Cindy Aurum, come and try this attire currently uff01 The following is a detailed intro to this cosplay outfit for your recommendation.


Top is a chopped yellow coat, bright yellow is specifically appealing to others. Cindy wears a chopped yellow coat that reveals her tummy zipped a few inches under her busts. The coat is constructed from leather and also is the same as Cindy in the video game. There are additionally two little pockets on the front of the jacket, as well as there are additionally sides Halloween Cosplay If you additionally have a slim as well as sexy number with Cindy, then you are definitely suitable for this fit.


Ultra shorts are made from light jeans, which safeguard your personal privacy while going after sex. The yellow jacket with the top is really eye-catching.


Cindy’s hallmarks are her hat and also yellow work jacket, both embellished with the Hammerhead logo. It’s a red cap with yellow details as well as a logo with the words “HAMMER HEAD” as well as “FULL SERVICE TERMINAL”. This is an one-of-a-kind sign of Cindy Aurum, which is extremely various from various other personalities.


These are white high boots on heels, It is the same boots of Cindy, she can additionally be experienced and also knowledgeable in the procedure of repair. It will certainly make everyone who wears it certain as well as show off their prestige. So you can attempt to have a pair of Cindy boots, after that you can play as high as you like.


Black safety glasses which she hangs around her neck when not utilizing them. Naturally this is the focus of several faithful gamers. Cindy’s safety glasses are really useful for her, a really important design.

Leg security:

Leg security has not shown up in several function plays, it is extremely unique for Cindy’s cosplayer, leather thigh-high black stockings can much better enhance the total suit of the player to a specific level.

Belt as well as Waistline device:

Cindy Aurum uses jeans shorts with a brown belt freely hanging around her hips. A bag is held on the belt, which has a particular effect on the shaping of the character. You can also adjust the rigidity of the belt at will, appropriate for individuals of all dimensions.

There is additionally a glove, if you feel it is not appropriate, you can likewise tailor the size.

In other words, this collection of Last Fantasy XV Cindy Aurum Cosplay Costume is excellent, and is very appropriate for all sort of occasions, so you just need to take pleasure in


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