Rolex advertising slogans

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Here will introduce and appreciate some classic Rolex advertising slogans in detail with you guys:


Some Rolex slogans are not only staying in boasting of how Rolex appearance is gorgeous, and also advertising its inner exquisite combination, and its interior parts, which makes people who are seeing the ads have a layer of the reliance on Rolex. New Rolex watches have the very outstanding advantages, such as 300 meters waterproof, super earthquake, etc. which seem to be very exciting and will make people breed the idea of wanting to become a “superman”.

2) The eyes are the window to the soul
The eyes are the window to the soul. This Rolex advertisement design is too clever. It uses the eyes as the material, and the strong visual result has played a very good publicity effect. When people watch the watch, they cannot without eyes, and the conception of transforming Rolex watches into eyeballs is every bold, and this theme is clear. Rolex advertising has caught this point and made a very good idea.

3)Never lost in time
Rolex being a world watch-making brand, resolutely maintained the continuous seeking for precise timing within this 100 years. It deduces the Rolex performance hall through constant research and innovation, and agglutinates the wonderful time story in a split second. This Rolex advertisement is exquisitely fused with this theme. The Rolex slogan highlights that Rolex specially made movement, starting from the heart, and catching your heart.

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