IWC’s Tressure-Portuguese Sid¨¦rale Scafusia

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IWC never stops. In 2011, it released the brand new IWC Portuguese Sid¨¦rale Scafusia. This new monster took ten years to develop it and it is a great combination of astronomical knowledge and rich experiences. In my eyes, what stun me is that IWC Portuguese Sid¨¦rale Scafusia is not an update on any previous watches; instead, it has completely different style from others. Let’s see why it is the most complicated astronomical watch.

IWC Portuguese Sid¨¦rale Scafusia applied two sides’ dials to display. The big rotor takes up almost 1/4 space of the dial and the size really impresses us. The perpetual tourbillon system can work for 96 hours and transport a stable power to tourbillon. Two barrels in series guratee that it works for at least for 2 days. This movement works at frequency of 2.5 Hz, namely oscillating 18,000 times per hour. A energy reserve indicator is set at 4 o’clock. If you turn around, the starring dial shows a grand picture.

IWC Portuguese Sid¨¦rale Scafusia has a funny rule that the case back dial is tailored according to customers’ willing, therefore the watch you have is a unique in the world. What’s more, the dial can display 500 to 1000 starts. What an amazing number. The dial can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise, which depends on you are in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere. The yellow oval marks the horizon, and shows starts’ status. The grey dot line indicates the terrestrial equator that separates the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. Portuguese Sid¨¦rale Scafusia has quite dial that is hard to understand or takes long time to know what it does. Although I can’t have it right now, I hope that I could at lease see this great complicated, astronomical monster, and carefully enjoy the beauty of its movement.

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