Gentlemen Style – Breguet Classique 7727

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From its foundation, Breguet has been known to the world for its brilliant skills and aesthetic taste. It is not only a great example for watch, it also plays an important role in culture. The evidence that it has much appearances in many famous writes could prove its deep influence. The reason that Breguet got those writers’ attentions is the close connections with brand culture. Every Breguet watch, no matter a simple watch with a simple look, or accuracy, and careful processing on details, deeply match the need of western celebrity, which made Breguet a symbol of celebrity.

Magnetic Pivot is a great breakthrough that is applied in the Breguet watches. As it is known to all that magnetism is a great threat to mechanical watches, many brands have various skills to prevent magnetism from watches. Breguet Magnetic Pivot can reverse negative influences exerted by magnetism by transforming it to serve for improve the rotation and stability of balance wheel. This movement, 574 DR with 10 Hz of working frequency, had it first debut in a 100 anniversary celebration for French Navy in 2011, and it is also the 50th anniversary of Type XX designing for French Naval Aviation. Similar to Type XX, this 10 Hz movement mainly aims at improving the accuracy and stability of traditional mechanical watches, and this was also the first time that Breguet applied a high-frequency movement to a non-chronograph watch.

For Breguet, the high frequency would not contribute to a less energy reserve; instead, it can elevate the power reserve to 60 hours in 7727, with its top watch techniques. Through the see-through sapphire mirror, this beautiful movement is completely visible to you. In the plate, a manual carving logo “Breguet” is extraordinary attractive. It reflects a mature arts in ornamentation, and also emanate a new Classicism style.

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